Real World Imaging™ Data for Life Sciences

Life Image is the world’s largest evidence network specializing in ‘living’ data sets of novel imaging that are linkable to other clinical information. We are the only company on the market today to bring large, heterogenous, de-identified, and linked imaging data sets integrated to longitudinal clinical outcomes to support your real-world evidence programs.


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Imaging has historically been extremely challenging to even access due to the many technical, process, and structural barriers that have effectively segregated imaging data. The time has finally come that heterogeneous Real World Imaging™ can be effectively utilized in RWE programs.

Founded in 2008, Life Image is a market leader in solving the many technical, process, and structural barriers that have effectively segregated imaging data into unconnected data silos. 

Network Development and Access

The Life Image network is integrated into the workflow of 80% of U.S. academic medical centers, connecting 13,000 facility endpoints with 160,000 U.S. providers and 58,000 global clinics. 

We can help you access or develop a network of clinical trial sites. 

Inventory of ‘Living’ Datasets


With this evidence network, Life Image seeks to capture the full potential of RWE – ‘living’ data sets that you add to over time, which allows you to answer questions as they arise. The new critical path is to rapidly identify, access, investigate, and manage linked-RWD assets in a replicable way across a network of providers, patients, and clinical research organizations.

Explore the graphic to see our 25+ anatomical locations.

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Heterogenous RWI™ for End-to-End Evidence Management

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Location in urban, rural, suburban areas. Patient distribution including gender, age, and severity of illness.


Access to patient-centric medical history linkable to other data sets. The data follows the patient through the progression of diseases as the patient traverses the continuum of care in the delivery ecosystem.

Condition Heterogeneity

Data can be made available to study rare diseases with long latency for prospective cohort studies and common diseases with short latency periods for retrospective case-control studies.


50+ manufacturers such as GE, Phillips, Siemens, Canon, Fuji, and more. Eighty modality versions representing head, chest, lung, breast, neck, brain, hand, and more.

Value-Added Services to Further Enhance Your RWI™ Needs

Image De-identification

Life Image helps to protect patient information and promote accelerated research development. Life Image’s industry-leading program evaluates and validates market tools for their ability to remove PHI/PII from both the image pixels and metadata. In addition, Life Image offers an enhancement service that uses a combination of machine learning and human validators to further augment the baseline tools in order to achieve accuracy levels near 100 percent. Contact us.

Data Curation

Life Image creates curated datasets that are “analysis ready” for specific clinical endpoints related to breast, lung, and spine outcomes. Contact us.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

In collaboration with our technology partners, Life Image can help you with a variety of R&D needs, including the ability to transform the way you identify potential patient cohorts for clinical trials. Contact us.

About Real World Imaging™ RWI™ Real World Imaging Data™ and RWID™ 

These services provide medical imaging and its related diagnostic, treatment, pathology, and other associated information for use as part of a healthcare organization’s real-world evidence, such as those conducted by life sciences for therapy or device development, for researchers for clinical researchers, or for use in artificial intelligence software creation, improvement, validation, or maintenance efforts.

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