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This enterprise solution was designed to meet the growing market need to establish large-scale clinical networks and effectively manage the movement of advanced data, including medical images, in order to coordinate care and innovate. 

Telehealth, medical device companies, biopharma, regional HIEs, health systems and others rely on Life Image to get a global network up and running quickly without the need for onsite IT personnel.



Power Your Exchange Network with Life Image

Send and receive images and related data within and beyond your network.

Life Image Transfer Exchange diagram

How it Works

Life Image Transfer Exchange (LITE) acts as a DICOM router and supports the automated workflows that your organization already has in place to send and receive images.

Easy to Install

  • Download app in minutes.
  • Can be configured without on-site IT personnel on a physical or virtual Windows computer.

Bi-directional Exchange

  • Send images and related reports.
  • Receive, download and route exams to their PACS.
  • Implement exchange capabilities in a timely and efficient manner, eliminating the need for discs and VPN connections.

Image Streaming

  • Similar to today’s streaming applications, once LITE starts to receive data, it will begin to stream.
  • Allows for fast loading.
  • Eliminates download delays.
  • Enables faster exam transfer.

Exam Prioritization

  • Receive the most critical exams first.
  • Functionality creates a “passing lane” for those with a designated DICOM priority tag of “high” or “medium” to ensure exchange priority for critical exams.
  • LITE is a parallel processing framework that ends the bottleneck of “first-in-first-out” queues.

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