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Mammosphere is a secure digital platform to empower women with their health history.

Mammosphere makes a woman’s complete health history, including prior mammogram images, accessible anywhere, anytime to share with her care team and researchers. Mammosphere empowers women to own their health history, advocate for their health, and contribute to innovative research.

Why Mammosphere?

The demands of today’s healthcare environment require medical benefit and wellness managers at corporations and insurance payers alike to provide innovative, tech-forward patient engagement and recruitment solutions, including those that make a difference in the lives of women.


Empowering Women with their Own Breast Health History: Transforming the Experience, Cost and Outcomes of Breast Cancer Screening

Healthcare consumerism is changing. Individuals are taking more control of their medical data and looking for the right tools to help them navigate our complex healthcare system. Unfortunately, they often lack the necessary consumer-friendly resources to properly…

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Mammosphere Supports Women’s Breast Health

Breast tissue is unique in every woman, and it holds the key to cancer detection. A care team is most successful in providing the appropriate care when it has access to past mammograms. Without these studies, additional testing is far more likely – unnecessarily increasing costs and anxiety.

About 60 million women in the U.S. undergo regular mammography screening, and one quarter of these women do not have prior exam images available at the time of their mammogram screening.

Lack of Priors is a Big, Costly Problem

95% of callbacks are false positives

of callbacks are ultimately false positives.

$852 expenditure

The average expenditure is $852 for each false positive mammogram in the 12 months following diagnosis.


Hundreds of thousands of false-positive results in more than $4 billion spent annually in the U.S. on over-diagnosis of breast cancer.

Mammosphere Community

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Mammosphere is the digital platform for the breakthrough WISDOM study that is looking at the optimal frequency and method of breast cancer screening. With the goal of involving more than 100,000 women, Mammosphere provides the essential access to clinical information for researchers. Read more about the WISDOM study.

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