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Blueprint to providing successful image exchange with referral sites

In order for large healthcare organizations to offer their referring community and other customers optimal image exchange , they need to have the ability to easily share, receive and collaborate on imaging exams within and outside of their networks in a timely and efficient manner. A sufficient image exchange solution should offer a variety of ways to view, receive, and exchange exams and reports on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that also improves physician workflow and clinical outcomes.

Exchange Challenges Hospitals Face Today

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Expensive costs of sending exams

Cost and complexity of VPN tunnels to other sites sending exams

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Cost of delivering outside exams

Cost and headache of fax / courier models for delivery of outside exams

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Managing multiple solutions

Complicated or multiple solutions being managed by the IT department to exchange with external facilities

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Transferring exams on cds

Physical media like CD’s and faxes that are used in place of a digital solution

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Outside image access

Access to imaging in other facilities

Easy deployment and configuration of lightweight image exchange solution for referral and coordination sites:

  • Should be a lightweight, downloadable application which requires minimal configuration to enable image exchange.
  • Should provide the ability to connect to local data sources such as PACS, and RIS to support sending exams with reports.
  • Should allow the Referral and Coordination site to receive exams and automatically route to local storage such as PACS, a VNA, or archive.

Enable referral and coordination sites to securely and easily exchange exams and reports:

  • Enable exams to be sent from the PACS at one imaging facility to the PACS at another imaging facility simply by routing the exam to a pre-defined DICOM node.
  • Referral and Coordination sites have the ability to send reports along with the images based on rules.
  • Easily connect to other entities to facilitate digital exchange.

Enable referral and coordination site clinicians with enhanced cloud capabilities:

  • Clinicians can be given cloud access to view images they receive with a diagnostic quality viewer, or view on their local workstation after the exam is downloaded to their PACS.
  • Enable external clinicians to access, manipulate, and collaborate with colleagues on an exam anytime from any location. This can ensure there is no delay in patient care due to a clinician or physician being outside the hospital network.

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Referral Sites

Referral Sites