Mammosphere, a secure, electronic patient engagement platform powered by Life Image, provides the technology for image exchange and access to prior breast imaging exams, while improving outcomes and lowering diagnostic and treatment costs. Mammosphere gives women more control over their own mammograms – and entire medical history – by empowering them to advocate for better care.

Access to prior mammograms matters for women’s health.

Despite improved diagnostic tools and technological advancements, the accuracy of mammography interpretation still remains suboptimal. This is due in part to incomplete information available to breast imagers at the time of the exam. In fact, statistics show that one in four women do do not have their prior exams available at the time of their mammogram screening.

Evaluating a single mammogram exam for early signs of breast cancer is extremely difficult. Breast tissue is different in every woman and accurate screening is highly dependent on comparing prior mammograms. Without these studies, additional testing is far more likely – unnecessarily increasing costs and anxiety for the patient.

The value of prior mammograms is clear. Research shows that when these exams are available:

  • False positives in screening mammography reduce by 40-60%
  • False-positives in diagnostic mammography reduce by 80%
  • Earlier detection of breast cancer increases by 25%
  • Lymph node positive breast cancer reduces by 3.6%

For the patient, it means less anxiety, radiation exposure, out of pocket cost and more time devoted to work and family. For the imaging facility, it means improved patient outcomes, quality and efficiency of care and decreased costs.

Impact on Women

This patient-centered engagement platform allows her to:

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Control her health

Take control of her breast health by requesting her records to be stored in one central location.

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Enable care teams

Enable her care teams to make timely and accurate decisions about her health.

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Easily request records

Make it easier to request records from multiple sources with one convenient electronic form that she only has to sign once.

Impact on Providers

It’s also a frustrating experience for providers when they don’t have access to their patients’ prior mammograms. Searching for these exams wastes time and decreases productivity.

When they have access to these exams it results in:

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Decrease in turnaround time

Faster report turnaround time and fewer patient recalls

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Fewer exams

Fewer diagnostic exams on the worklist means more time for patients or screenings

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High patient satisfaction

More patients with high satisfaction with the experience at their facility.

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Decrease in time spent on outside exams

Less time, energy and resources spent procuring outside diagnostics

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