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There is now a growing RWE imperative to extend imaging data alongside claims, EHR, genomics, patient registries, and other evolving datasets. Learn more about best practices to incorporate Real World Imaging™ (RWI™ Real World Imaging Data™ and RWID™).

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Best Practices for Incorporating Clinical Imaging Data into RWE Programs

To be truly useful, medical imaging must be integrated with related data sets and optimized on a broad scale. This process must meet five requirements. Download the white paper for details. 

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Pitfalls to Avoid When Leveraging Clinical Imaging Data for RWE Programs

Imaging data plays such a leading role in clinical decision-making because it is the most advanced diagnostic evidence for several diseases, and it can clearly show disease progression and drug impact across a variety of therapeutic areas, among other reasons. Clinical researchers looking to achieve a holistic view of each patient’s healthcare journey by incorporating medical imaging into their RWE programs should avoid these three things.

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Enriching RWE with Novel Data Sets: How Medical Imaging Data Can Accelerate Drug Development

Many biopharmaceutical companies have started placing greater emphasis on RWE to prepare for coming regulations while driving the development of new therapies and supporting value-based contracts. The role of RWE will continue to grow in importance as organizations will be held to RWE requirements and need to demonstrate the real-world efficacy of the drugs and devices they are bringing to market.

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Real World Evidence: Bridging Gaps in Evidence Collection to Accelerate Drug Development

Real world evidence, often referred to as RWE, supports the process of establishing better results across the drug development lifecycle by using clinical, operational, administrative, social and patient-reported outcome information gathered from sources that capture this data at the time of the “patient care transaction.”

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Future of Real World Evidence

The future of real-world evidence: Deloitte’s annual RWE benchmarking survey 

Biopharma executives increasingly must show value for access, understand the patient journey, and provide more data. The survey shows how RWE plays a role. 

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