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Harnessing the Power of Real World Imaging™

Improve the effectiveness of real-world evidence (RWE) programs for life sciences and artificial intelligence innovation with Real World Imaging™.

Life Image holds the world’s largest repository of medical images available to the healthcare system as curated data. Harnessing that data, Life Image is the only company on the market today providing large, heterogenous, de-identified, linked imaging data sets that integrate with longitudinal clinical outcomes.


Use Cases

  • Search the world’s largest inventory of imaging data to support your RWE programs
  • Find your cohorts with our clinical search tool designed to identify patients matching your specified parameters
  • De-identified datasets match your cohort criteria at enterprise scale
  • Train AI/ML models, collaborate on innovation, and bring real-world adoption of AI at the point of care

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RWI Previously Unavailable Until Now


Imaging has historically been extremely challenging to access due to the many technical, process, and structural barriers that have effectively segregated imaging data. The time has finally come that heterogeneous Real World Imaging™ can be effectively utilized in RWE programs.

Life Image operates the largest clinical image exchange network in the country, with workflow integrations inside over 90% of U.S. academic medical centers, connecting 13,000 facility endpoints with 160,000 U.S. providers and 58,000 global clinics.

Founded in 2008, Life Image is a market leader in solving the many technical, process, and structural barriers that have effectively segregated imaging data into unconnected data silos.

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Inventory of Living Data Sets

With this vast evidence network, Life Image seeks to capture the full potential of RWE — “living” data sets that you add to over time, which allows you to answer questions as they arise. The new critical path is to rapidly identify, access, investigate, and manage linked RWD assets in a replicable way across a network of providers, patients, and clinical research organizations.


Location parameters include urban, rural, and suburban areas. Patient distribution options include gender, age, and severity of illness.


RWI™ provides access to patient-centric medical histories that are linkable to other data sets. The data follows the patient through the progression of diseases as the patient traverses the continuum of care in the delivery ecosystem.

Condition Heterogeneity

Data can be made available to study rare diseases with long latency periods for prospective cohort studies and common diseases with short latency periods for retrospective case-control studies.


The Life Image RWI repository includes data from 50+ manufacturers, such as GE, Phillips, Siemens, Canon, and Fuji, and from 80+ modality versions, representing the head, chest, lung, breast, neck, brain, hand, and other condition locales.

Bringing It All Together

The Life Image Data Asset Explorer tool gives researchers and innovators the ability to search a robust repository of de-identified DICOM studies and related patient clinical information based on a wide range of clinical parameters. Once your desired studies are selected, the Life Image RWI team will package de-identified text fields with the de-identified DICOM imaging so that you are provided with a complete package of clinical information to support your real-world evidence programs or AI software creation, improvement, and validation.