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Provider Exchange™

Enterprise Image Exchange is enabled by the Life Image Interoperability Suite. This set of vendor-agnostic apps connects to all radiology modalities, manufacturers, PACS, RIS, VNA and the EHR for image exchange between providers, patients and innovators. Our apps use common standards and don’t trap you into proprietary tech stacks.

Provider Exchange™ is a DICOM image exchange and image sharing solution that is highly configurable. That means you have the enterprise capability to meet complex workflows across all departments and locations to exchange with your referral sites and patients.

Image Exchange with the Life Image Interoperability Suite

Life Image created the image exchange/image sharing category when we founded our company in 2008. We are dedicated to breaking down data silos and promoting greater interoperability in healthcare.


Our Apps & APIs are based on industry standards.


No proprietary language forcing you to program around it.

universal enterprise image exchange

Vendor-agnostic tool. We don’t trap you into proprietary systems.

Life Image Interoperability Suite: Enterprise image exchange

Core Solutions for Provider Exchange

Cloud: enterprise image exchange


  • This is the DICOM Cloud hub that powers your digital strategy to connect to points outside of your organization.
  • With your secure, Life Image-hosted DICOM Cloud account, you can seamlessly share with referral sites, physicians and patients.
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Ad Hoc Sharing

  • For those times when you need a temporary solution. This feature allows any clinician to send a secure email link for DICOM image exchange and other documents to another provider or patient.
enterprise image exchange mobile access

Mobile App

  • Our mobile app on Apple iOS allows you to instantly access DICOM medical images from your Life Image account on-the-go.
enterprise viewer icon

Embedded Viewer

  • Our viewer platform simplifies the image viewing experience.
  • Use one FDA Class II 510k-cleared, HTML 5 compatible viewer that is available as the default viewer across the Life Image platform.
hospital icon: enterprise image exchange

Hybrid Enterprise

  • Our on-premise application is an enterprise-wide workhorse that sits inside the four walls of your institution to enable image exchange and data sharing.
  • CD ingestion, search and query of databases, compatible with all modalities and manufacturers.
  • LILA helps to move DICOM images and associated clinical information to various  departments such as trauma, radiology and neurology from external sites.
  • Medical images are more secure and move faster when they stay within your firewall. This is particularly important for institutions that see very high volumes of data.
  • DICOM images can also be accessible through your EHR to simplify workflows.
  • Life Image reconciles the radiology image to the patient record in accordance with your data governance policies before it goes into your PACs to prevent dirty data
Referral Site: enterprise image exchange

Referral Builder

  • Quick start application for your referral sites to enable image exchange through a DICOM Cloud.
  • LITE is easy to install and remotely configurable. Within hours, your referral partners can start sharing images bundled with reports and other data.
  • It’s bi-directional, HL7 automation, streaming and prioritization of images route to PACS.

Value-Added Solutions

Patient Connect Portal icon

Patient Connect Portal

  • Unlike other portals, Patient Connect Portal collects diagnostic images in addition to other health data to create a complete longitudinal patient record that supports the management of chronic and complex conditions.
  • This user-friendly app gives patients control of the health data. Data can be stored, shared with care teams or downloaded. Patients can also request new records from any provider within the app or upload existing physical forms of records and diagnostic images.
  • Meets federal requirements that mandate giving patient control of their medical data: HIPAA(1996), Cures Act (2016) and ONC Rules (2020).
  • Reduces the need for physical media such as CDs.
patient record icon

Workflow & EHR Integration

  • Life Image can integrate your imaging solution into your existing workflows, including your electronic health records (EHRs) such as EPIC or Cerner.
  • Automatic order entry can be configured.
  • FHIR-based integrations to an EHR and to a broader network such as an HIE.


  • A patient engagement tool that empowers women to take control of their breast health.
  • The digital platform allows all types of clinical information, including breast health records to be acquired securely; digitally stored while maintaining their diagnostic quality; and easily shared with physicians, researchers and caregivers.
  • Evidence shows that mammography is more accurate when comparison exams are available and decreases false-positives in screening and diagnostic mammograms. Access to relevant prior exams can prevent healthy patients from additional unnecessary imaging, follow-up appointments, anxiety, biopsies, radiation exposure and costs.
workflow icon

Value-Added Extensions

  • Life Image has a 12-year track record of expert integrations and customized configurations into workflow.
  • We can integrate into your SAML active directory or configure into HL7 Reporting and more.
  • Click here for technical details or download the complete whitepaper on image sharing and clinical information exchange that provides the technical details of supported integration standards, profiles and options that are available within the core Life Image service.
Life Image Network: Enterprise image exchange

The Solution of Choice for Top Health Systems

Life Image Ecosystem

Our interoperable network brings together an ecosystem of hospitals, clinicians, patients, care teams, life sciences, medical devices, telehealth and EHRs.

Life Image ecosystem enterprise image exchange

Our Network

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enterprise image exchange for providers

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7 billion

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Referral Sites

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