Patient Connect

Patient Connect™


Unlike other portals, our Patient Connect™ Portal gives patients control over collecting and sharing images and medical data with care teams in order to manage chronic and complex conditions.

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Patients: Take control of YOUR healthcare data.

With the Patient Connect Portal by Life Image, you now have the ability to digitally collect both diagnostic images and medical data — securely online in one place.

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Care Teams: Get the medical data you need for effective care.

Care teams – primary care doctors, specialists and loved ones – need access to a patient’s medical history for the most effective care, particularly imaging which is critical to treating complex or chronic conditions.

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Digitally Collect Images with Patient Connect Portal

Getting medical records has historically been very difficult, but it’s getting less complicated every day. Doctors and patients can share with each other seamlessly.

No more CDs.

No more running to the medical records department inside a hospital or doctor’s office to pick up files.

No more delays

No more delays.

Once medical records are assembled into the secure Patient Connect Portal, patients can:

View Records

View them.

Add New Records

Add new records.

Share Records

Easily share any or all of them as needed.


Download and save to a computer.

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Get Started with Patient Connect Portal

Patient Connect Portal by Life Image is provided to patients through a sponsoring organization such as a hospital, health system, physician group, insurer or employer. If you are a patient, click this link for an email that you can send to one of these organizations to request Patient Connect Portal.

Why Use the Patient Connect Portal

  • Improve care coordination: This is extremely important in the event of an emergency or when a patient is in a course of treatment, receiving preventative care or seeking specialist opinions.
  • Support the new consumerism: Patients expect healthcare to be more digital like other industries. This web-based app gives consumer a user-friendly tool.
  • Enable clinical trials and research: Help find new cures, therapies or vaccines. Read more about how Mammosphere, a breast health focused patient portal by Life Image, is being used in the WISDOM Study.
  • Meet federal requirements: HIPAA (1996), Cures Act (2016) and ONC Rules (2020) mandate giving patients access and control of their medical data.

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