Improve Accessibility to Patient Data with a Single File

Common Use Cases

Create a single, comprehensive view of patient information

Create a single, comprehensive view of patient information across a global-sharing network of clinical, imaging, medical device, and pharmaceutical data.

Voice of the Leadership

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The issue of poor patient identification and duplicate records has grown increasingly complex as more data is generated and more applications are introduced into the healthcare environment. In the face of accountable, data-driven care, organizations now find themselves under increased pressure to effectively identify, track,
and manage individuals across care settings.

– Andy Aroditis, CEO, NextGate

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Healthcare organizations without an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) have an average duplicate patient record rate of 18%.

  • Eliminate data silos and ensure that each patient has one and only one record to overcome clinical and financial inefficiencies.

  • Optimize care delivery connecting EHR, imaging, and other health information systems to form a solid foundation for data exchange and care coordination.

  • Capture high-quality data to make informed decisions and create a seamless patient experience during every encounter.

  • Link the right patient to the right data with identity matching solutions connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem and creating a comprehensive view of each patient.

  • Integrate the market-leading EMPI with LIfe Image‘s extensive network of U.S. hospitals and global clinics to orchestrate accurate, comprehensive patient demographic information.

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