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Common Use Cases

Mendel use case has the ability to find potential patient cohorts in minutes. The AI searches the EHR to match against the inclusion and exclusion criteria in an oncology clinical trial. 

Voice of the Leadership

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Imagine the Internet without a search engine — all of the information you need is there but you don’t know how to find it — and in many ways that’s where we are in the world of clinical trial research. There is enormous opportunity for AI and machine learning to revolutionize the clinical trial recruitment process, dramatically
improve efficiency, and reduce many unnecessary costs.

– Karim Galil, Founder,

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Utilize AI to augement clinical trial recruitment and provide eligible patients with access to innovative treatments.

Adhere to complex and specific clinical trial eligibility requirements, while increasing your prospect pool and keeping trials ahead of schedule:

  • Acquire and analyze unstructured clinical data, including diagnostic images, to increase accuracy of patient selection and reduce administrative burdens. Identify patient cohorts for a given protocol and pre-screen patients that are potential matches for oncology clinical trials.

  • Decrease time between patient eligibility and identification to mere minutes, compared to conventional pre-screening practices that can take weeks, months or even years. Match patients with clinical treatment options with 30-50% more patients than traditional recruitement methods.

  • Support clinical trial teams with de-identified and anonymized clinical data from a standards-based network of heterogenous datasets utilizing a first-of-its-kind automated system that can process unstructured data with a high degree of reliability.

  • Improve search functionality with oncology-specific natural language processing to accurately identify clinical information even when it is not explicit.

  • Easily integrate into hospital contracts, operations and other IT functions with integrations within the firewalls of key providers.

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