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Zero-Footprint Imaging Solution with Anytime Access


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Integrate images at the point of care. Advance image connectivity and intelligent workflow orchestration tools to share medical images throughout the enterprise.

Voice of the Leadership

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Our mission is to deliver a complete view of patients’ information to healthcare providers, granting images and content in context and filling the need for an all-encompassing view of data to best understand each patient. Our partnership provides a scalable, zero-footprint imaging solution with anytime access in its network to enhance clinical efficiency and quality of care.”

– Colleen Sirhal, Chief Clinical Officer, Hyland Healthcare

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Access complete patient information inside the applications used every day.

Integrate images at the point of care and enhance clinical collaboration with a robust, universal viewer for your entire enterprise:

  • Link encounter-based images to enterprise systems to eliminate clinical blind spots, improve charge capture and streamline clinical workflows.

  • Provide anytime, anywhere access and review of medical images across the enterprise, facilitating clinical collaboration and improving diagnostic interpretation.

  • Optimize a true zero-footprint solution that provides anytime, anywhere image access and viewing to view medical images and clinical content in any format across the enterprise and enhance your clinical efficiency and quality of care. 

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Life Image and Hyland Healthcare partner to optimize data and imaging access between providers and patients

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