Realize the Full Potential of Advanced Data for Real World Evidence Programs

Common Use Cases

pharma drug development

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies accelerate drug development, post-market safety, effectiveness and label expansion. 

Other uses cases: Clinical real world evidence programs.

Voice of the Leadership

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Life sciences companies have traditionally relied upon structured data such as EHR records and medical claims for RWE. Those data sources often fall short when it comes to diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis where imaging is integral to care. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, when applied to imaging, has demonstrated early utility for improving how diseases are detected, diagnosed and treated. Life Image’s broad provider network offers the scale needed to aggregate data to realize the full potential of AI in medicine.

– Dan Housman, Founder & CTO, Graticule

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Mature Use of Advanced Data for Clinical Trials and Drug Development

  • Eliminate data bias and demonstrate meaningful answers to complex clinical questions with advanced data including medical imaging and clinical information in unstructured reports.

  • Access dynamic data sets and therapeutic endpoints to understand disease progression and comparative effectiveness.

  • Deliver life-saving medicines to patients at a reduced time and cost with imaging data sets available at scale through Real World Imaging™ combined with advisory services and technology.  

  • Discover opportunities to identify new biomarkers, increase the number of patients participating in clicnical trials, improve quality and patient outcomes, identify rare diseases faster, and more. 

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