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Improving data access and share-ability across organizations. 

Common Use Cases

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Our joint projects include use cases impacting clinical epidemiology, trauma surgery, classification and correlation of unstructured data from clinical text, disparate data interoperability, imaging AI for targeted modalities such as x-rays and mammograms and broader health data analytics. Click here to watch the video of our groundbreaking work.

About Our Collaboration

Google Cloud and Life Image are close collaborators with the mission of bringing novel opportunities to care networks, and accelerating understanding and clinical utility of evidence across a network of providers, medical imaging providers, researchers, and most importantly, patients.

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Case Study: Improving healthcare research at the UCSF Breast Care Center with a digital engagement platform

Optimizing breast cancer screening for medical research

Problem:  Athena Breast Health Network at the University of California needed a patient engagement platform to provide access to mammograms and other breast health information

Solution:  Life Image’s Mammosphere on GCP provides a personalized approach to breast cancer screening using novel risk assessment tools and a more secure and efficient way to store and share mammogram data


  • Improves study recruitment and retention with more convenient, rewarding experiences
  • Helps UCSF analyze breast imaging data within and across studies
  • Uses Cloud Healthcare API to connect providers’ data to advanced Google Cloud capabilities, including scalable big data analytics with BigQuery
  • Enable researchers to gain valuable insights that will help determine the safest and most effective breast cancer screening processes for women
Athena Breast Health Network selects Mammosphere for Wisdom study

Resources and News

Case Study

Read the full case study on how UCSF’s Breast Care Center improved healthcare research with a digital engagement platform

Case Study

Press Release

Announcing the Cloud Healthcare API beta: Improving data access and shareability across organizations

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