Dicom Systems

Optimize Enterprise Imaging Data Flow

Common Use Cases

Dicom Systems use case

Configure rule-based routing of images from outside providers. Images are delivered to a central PACS/VNA and distributed to PACS for cache, studies are routed to a Dicom System Unifer.

Other Use Cases: Automatching Web Calls, Automated Outbound Routing

Voice of the Leadership

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We are committed to achieving seamless interoperability in an industry plagued by technical and institutional barriers to the free flow of compatible data. Together, we address internal compatibility within a single healthcare organization, and fast, accurate, secure information sharing
across organizations.

– Dmitriy Tolchilnik, President and CTO,
Dicom Systems

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Accelerate interoperability within and among organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Unify image sharing and streamline access to clinical content for provider organizations and healthcare systems.

  • Deepen internal and external interoperability by creating broad access to a global network.

  • Establish and solidify connections for your healthcare enterprise.

  • Ensure data compatibility among existing information systems with the Dicom Systems Enterprise Imaging Unifier Platform while Life Image facilitates information exchange.

  • Improve care, reduce costs, and drive new levels of workflow efficiency.

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Life Image and Dicom Systems Partner to Advance Healthcare Interoperability

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