Effectively Manage and Integrate
Images within PowerChart

Common Use Cases

Electronic health record

Obtain a comprehensive view of your patient with access to medical images within PowerChart EHR for more effective, less expensive patient care.

About Our Collaboration

Diagnostic images and clinical information are too valuable together to be sequestered in separate silos. Together, our capabilities effectively manage receiving, integrating, and sharing medical images in the context of the EHR to drive better healthcare experiences and outcomes.

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Unique integration that gives providers a cohesive view of a patient’s imaging history.

  • Highly configurable with integrated workflows available for:

    • CD upload
    • Discovering exams by Life Image within Cerner
    • Identity-check steps to prevent patient matching errors
    • Accessing and viewing outside exams within the local patient record
  • Improve care quality, coordination and patient outcomes
  • Cut costs related to repeat imaging and clinical inefficiency
  • Expand provider network and referrals, enable telemedicine
  • Leverage master contractual documents that have already been negotiated at your institution

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