AI Innovators

Life Image is leveraging our extensive network and long-standing clinical relationships to bring to real-world adoption of AI and Machine Learning initiatives developed in collaboration with our marquee technology partners.

Google Cloud and Life Image are close partners with the mission of bringing novel opportunities to care networks, and accelerating understanding and clinical utility of evidence across a network of providers, medical imaging providers, researchers, and most importantly, patients.

Analytics: Leveraging healthcare data at scale

Healthcare analytics applications


  Local Distributed


Operational dashboards for reporting and quality improvements.Scheduling assistant, resource management.

Network-wide or industry-wide analytics, e.g. insurance, billing, referral networks, oversight.


Clinical decision support.

Internal research (pilot programs), clinical process tracking and improvements.

Population health research.

Longitudinal studies and analytics.

Cohort identification: research (clinical trials), follow-up studies, model training.

Our joint projects include use cases impacting clinical epidemiology, trauma surgery, classification and correlation of unstructured data from clinical text, disparate data interoperability, imaging AI for targeted modalities such as x-rays and mammograms and broader health data analytics.

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Why Network Access Matters in AI/ML

While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) hold great promise to revolutionize healthcare, many barriers to adoption still remain. Those gating factors range from access to data at a massive scale, privacy, governance, distribution and integration into workflow.

This distribution and integration across clinical workflow end points are critical as we observe a rapid shift to AI-augmented decision support to improve patient outcomes. 

Life Image is uniquely positioned to enable the distribution, integration and adoption of AI/ML models within a ready network platform.

  • We have a global network with the largest market penetration into academic medical centers and their referral sites.
  • Life Image has solved the toughest interoperability challenges in healthcare over the past 11 years.
  • We are experts in managing the technical complexity of imaging and associated clinical reports (diagnosis, pathology, treatment plans, etc.)
  • We can orchestrate and coordinate access to massive data sets at scale.
  • In working with the most clinically sophisticated hospitals in the country, we also have deep integrations into physician workflow.

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