The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that seamless data sharing is more important than ever. Demand for the sharing of images and associated data has skyrocketed. To meet this need, Life Image has launched a number of new solutions to help our customers and referral sites improve interoperability with each other and with patients. Patient Connect Portal was launched in Q2 and many of you have already adopted this solution that lets patients collect, own, and share their medical history including imaging. In November, Life Image launched two new applications to advance interoperability.

On Veterans Day, we launched Life Image Veterans Exchange (LIVE) an application certified to connect Veteran Health Administration (VHA) sites with community care network (CCN) providers. We begin our work at the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) South Central region #16 and will be using LIVE to enable bi-directional exchange of imaging and other clinical data between the VA and CCN providers in AR, LA, MS, and TX to support veterans seeking care under the MISSION Act. LIVE closes the information gap between the VA and community facilities to save costs and improve care coordination for our veterans. Read more in our official announcement.

We also announced the general release of Life Image Network Connector (LINC). Built so that community hospitals, physician groups, imaging centers, and healthcare innovators can experience the same ease in effectively exchanging medical images and data that we provide to academic medical centers and specialty hospitals.

In addition, we’ve been busy developing new enhancements to our Interoperability Suite to help make it faster and easier to use and integrate into EHRs and other hospital systems.

As we all endeavor through this global pandemic, Life Image remains extremely focused on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Thank you for your ongoing partnership with us.


Matthew A. Michela
President & CEO

Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO
newsletter flash viewer: enterprise image exchange

Many of you utilize Life Image’s default, flash-based reference viewer today. However, as you may already be aware, on December 31, 2020, Adobe Flash will no longer be supported. To support the termination of this technology, Life Image has a comparable HTML 5 standard viewer available. LILA users must update the viewer proactively and be updated to software version 5.8, Cloud users will be automatically updated.

Please reach out to your Life Image Client Relationship Manager to share your plans so we can assist you in migration to the new viewer.


Frictionless Data Sharing with Patients


send to patient diagram

If you are on LILA 5.7 or use Life Image Universal Inbox and offer our Patient Connect Portal or Mammosphere PHR solution for your patients, you can now proactively share data digitally with patients. Using your Life Image software, quickly search for a patient, select their records, and send to the patient’s PHR account electronically.

With the Send to Patient feature, you can invite patients to register for Patient Connect Portal account or send records to an existing account. Send addendums or additional reports without delay.

To learn more about this product update download this resource or contact your client relationship manager.

Query Retrieve Outside PACS – New Feature Coming Jan 2021


newsletter PACS to PACS Network Search and Retrieve for enterprise image exchange

Have a site you exchange with frequently? You will no longer have to wait for an outside facility to send you the studies you need. Increase operational efficiencies and save time by connecting with PACS systems outside of your network for direct transfer of exams. Authorized facilities not connected by WAN/LAN with established agreements can now query and retrieve exams directly for a more seamless exchange of images using Life Image. This is ideal for:

  • High volume referral sites. Pull exams from any PACS or other DICOM destination. 
  • Newly acquired facilities not yet connected to your network.
  • Enhancing partnerships with outside facilities such as telemedicine or second opinion services with a more streamlined exchange of patient data.
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The query retrieve feature:

  • Uses familiar workflows for an intuitive user experience.
  • Supports connections to multiple outside points.
  • Allows users to run multiple searches at once and have exams delivered to your Life Image inbox.
  • Configures quickly, with limited effort from your IT resources.

Contact your Client Relationship Manager to learn more.

epic and cerner ehr integrations

Patient Portal Integrations
EHRs alone do not have the ability to collect, assemble, add, and store diagnostic images. You can now integrate our Patient Connect™ Solutions with your Epic MyChart or Cerner HealtheLife patient portal.

  • Single sign-on capability integrates and launches the full Life Image Patient Connect Portal Experience within Epic MyChart and Cerner HealtheLife. This provides one convenient location for patients to own, gather, store and share their diagnostic images and other health records without leaving the context of their EHR.
  • If you’re looking to share records with patients without providing storage and a longitudinal view of their records, you may also elect to implement Life Image’s SMART application which allows patients to view and download available imaging studies, as well as upload to your facility; all while logged into the EHR.

Order Entry Automation
This enhancement provides a tremendous opportunity for operational efficiency gains for your team. Automated order entry assists your radiology department with ingestion of outside studies, generating an order, then auto-nominating and pushing into your PACS once received in the Life Image application; eliminating a significant amount of manual work:

  • Standardized and streamlined process for both Epic and Cerner using FHIR endpoints.
  • Outside studies can be searched via Life Image’s endpoint within Epic or Cerner and studies will be returned, uploaded and claimed in the patient context so that it applies your internal patient-level demographics; which aids with recognition when Life Image provides the study information via FHIR which the RIS will recognize.

Contact your Client Relationship Manager for more information.

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