You might have noticed some big changes at Life Image lately. From our early days exclusively as an image exchange company, we are now collaborating closely with a broad array of partners to enhance cost and quality throughout the healthcare system. We’ve made some big announcements on our solutions and partnerships since our last newsletter that bring improvements in delivery efficiency, care coordination, clinical decision support, rural care access, clinical trial matching, therapeutic development, research and more.

Given the large research and academic footprint of our customers, we are now working with Life Sciences and biopharma companies to enhance their use of real world evidence and to more effectively connect to clinical trial sites at hospitals in our network; expanding patient access to life saving medicines.

Life Image is also providing a new service to researchers who need to de-identify non-structured clinical trial data including imaging in order to meet compliance requirements and to accelerate medical insights by sharing de-identified data with other researchers. This has historically been a costly and time consuming activity that Life Image has now tackled.

This issue of Network Access covers our latest innovative solutions. I hope you continue to find this newsletter valuable. Please share any feedback or topics that will make this increasingly useful to you and your colleagues.


Matthew A. Michela
President & CEO

Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO

Life Image strives to provide exceptional customer service. Recently we have realized the need to re-emphasize the process for reaching out to our support team.

The primary method to reach our support team is to e-mail Support@LifeImage.com

A support case will be automatically generated and then assigned to a technician for resolution. A technician will reach out via phone within four business hours to gather more details and start the process to solve the issue or request.

Our support phone line is reserved for emergency cases only. During normal business hours, 8 am to 6 pm EST, we will address emergency cases immediately and work on them until resolved.  Emergency cases are instances when a system is down and not functional. Outside of our normal business hours, emergency cases are responded to within 30 minutes.

We are assessing how we can continually improve our support process and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for being a loyal customer!

New Customers

By Mike Lane, Support Manager

enterprise image exchange global network

Please welcome the following organizations to the Life Image network.

  • Abiomed, Danvers, MA. A leading provider of medical devices that provide circulatory support for the heart. Network connection through Life Image enables Abiomed to collaborate more closely with their hospital customers.
  • Cooper University Health Care, southern New Jersey. Cooper is a leading academic health system, providing the only Level I trauma center and Level II pediatric trauma center in South Jersey, a leading cancer center, one of the areas largest physician groups, four urgent care centers and over 100 outpatient facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Wellspan Health, south-central Pennsylvania. The health system serves a population of more than 520,000 residents at a 580-bed community teaching hospital, over 170 patient care locations, eight hospitals, a Level 1 regional trauma center and a comprehensive stroke center.

Welcome to the network!

Existing Life Image customers are now offering Mammosphere to their patients, providing better access to medical records in support of breast health care. The latest to launch:

  • Geisinger Health, Scranton & Danville, PA. The health system serves over three million residents throughout central, south-central and northeastern Pennsylvania. They have 13 hospital campuses and two research centers.

Did you know that the following leading hospitals are a part of the Life Image network? Let us know if you want to connect to them so they become a part of your network too.

  • UCLA Medical Center, CA
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center, TX
  • Geisinger Medical Center, PA
  • University of Iowa, IA
  • Mayo Clinic, MN
Google Cloud partners with Life Image

There is growing industry pressure to more readily share clinical trial data in order to accelerate medical insights. However, a vast amount of medical image data collected in the course of clinical trials has been unusable for research and innovation, or shared at the peril of the institution in technical violation of HIPAA. One common reason is the lack of a reliable method of removing personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) from medical image datasets. It is costly, time consuming, and most reliably done manually.

Google Cloud created a de-identification application programming interface (API) as one of the tools available in its Cloud Healthcare API. The tool is capable of helping to remove PHI from imaging data at scale while retaining useful information, such as clinical content.

Life Image further augmented the performance of the tool with a value-add service that uses a combination of machine learning and human validators to achieve accuracy levels consistent with some of the most stringent compliance requirements and beyond those operating in healthcare today. Life Image’s expertise of the intricacies of imaging data alleviate the cumbersome problems associated with de-identifying medical images and eliminate the need for specialized programming and manual, human intervention.

Combined, the Life Image and Google Cloud Healthcare API can help protect patient information and promote accelerated research development.

Learn more about our partnership with Google Cloud.

imaging data sets in radiology

In September we launched this innovative service to support the growing demand for real world evidence to mature insights and accelerate drug development. RWI is also used to train artificial intelligence models that demand deeper accuracy and sensitivity across diverse data sets. With this, we help our partners create new solutions to support better care and more effective use of time for busy care providers.

RWI helps researchers and innovators capture the full potential of RWE, allowing the opportunity to answer questions as they arise, as opposed to retrospectively with controlled clinical trials.

Learn more about Real World Imaging for life sciences and AI.


Mammosphere Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Cristin Gardner, Director of Consumer Product & Markets

BCAM ribbon

As part of our corporate citizenship to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Life Image is offering free registration of Mammosphere to patients. The campaign educates women on the importance of storing their breast health records and sharing with their doctors. Click here to learn more.


You Can Create Simple Connections with Your Partners for Seamless Data Exchange

Darren Lehman, Workflow Consultant, Team Lead

Did you know?

The Life Image Cloud is the hub that powers your clinical data exchange connecting your organization to points outside of your facility. Establishing connections allows for seamless collaboration with referral sites, outside physicians, and patients.

Getting Started
1. Identify sites you exchange a high volume of exams with. These should be the primary sites with whom you should create connections.
2. Work with your marketing and outreach teams to educate referral sites and physicians on the importance of these connections.
3. Open up lines of communication directly with the outside facility to ensure they are aware of the process and any action they may need to take.

· Articulate the reason for the connection
· Determine the appropriate groups and departments that need to be included based on intended workflows
· Remind them that the Life Image solution is secure and HIPAA compliant

[read more]

Types of Connections
Connecting with Another Life Image Customer
Find out if the facility you want to exchange with is a Life Image customer by searching for them in your Cloud Account.

· Go to the Connections section
· Click Add Connection
· Request to Connect

Connecting with Non-Life Image Customers (Guest Connections)
Exchange connections set up with facilities that are not Life Image customers can be permanent (on-going connection) or temporary (one-time connection).

· Go to the Connections section
· Click Invite to send an email to the referral site to connect

This connection requires no configuration. Since it is not connected to any of the referral site’s local systems, the exam data has to be on the machine it is being sent from or uploaded from a CD.

LITE Connections
The Life Image Transfer Exchange (LITE) is our bi-directional agent that enables referral sites to exchange data with Life Image customers. LITE provides more automated workflows compared to guest accounts*. Our Virtual LITE connection offers the same capabilities as LITE, however, it is hosted by Life Image. Virtual LITE allows sending organizatiosn to share exams from PACS through a secure TLS connection.

Contact the referral site to discuss this connection opportunity. The referral facility can start the process by completing the get lite form, which can be sent via email. Life Image will contact both organizations to facilitate the connection.

· Send images and reports directly from modalities, PACS or RIS.
· Receive exams and route them directly to PACS

More detail here: LITE Overview & Requirements

*LITE requires a remote software installation performed by the Life Image team. Guest accounts can be used to exchange exams before installation is complete.

For more information about Life Image Network Connections, visit our help site, or contact our services department at support@lifeimage.com.


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