2019 was a significant year for healthcare and healthcare technology. Transformation into a more digital, patient-centric industry was accelerated in response to government action and disruption by digital innovators. Early in 2019, we saw the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT propose rules to advance interoperability and patient access to data and we expect those rules to finalize and further propel change in 2020. The Office of the Civil Rights announced refined HIPAA and patient access guidelines with mandates to comply with today’s technology. They also began issuing corrective actions against healthcare organizations violating these rules and rights of patients. Foresight into what to expect in 2020: more disruption, more enforcement, and faster acceleration into a more interoperable and connected healthcare journey.

As stakeholders across our network, your workflows are changing to provide an optimized patient experience, perhaps even supported by AI models to increase efficiency. Access to relevant, diverse data is more than convenience, but a requirement for both precision medicine and machine learning. Life Image is here to support your goals, optimize your workflows, and facilitate access to and sharing of data to enable a seamless transition to a modernized healthcare era.

This issue of Network Access provides a snapshot of some of our most recent cutting-edge projects. I hope you continue to find this newsletter valuable. Please share any feedback or topics that will make this increasingly useful to you and your colleagues.

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Matthew A. Michela
President & CEO

Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO
enterprise image exchange global network

Please welcome the following organizations to the Life Image network.

  • Genesis Health System, Davenport, Iowa. Genesis operates 75 facilities, serving patients across 17 counties, offering the full continuum of care. Genesis has been a top-ranked community hospital in Iowa for the last 3 years.
  • MediGuide, Greenville, DE. This organization provides second opinion services that significantly improve health outcomes. Network connection through Life Image enables connectivity and clinical content exchanges with providers across the country.
  • UChicago Medicine, Chicago, IL. An academic medical center with hospitals, outpatient clinics, and physician practices throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. UChicago will offer Mammosphere to their patients that participate in the WISDOM Study to provide better access to medical records throughout the duration of the study.
  • Washington Hospital Healthcare System, Fremont, CA. This health system has a 340-bed acute care hospital with a wide variety of specialties and expertise, including a neuroscience institute, radiation, and oncology center, and institute for joint restoration.
AI in action in radiology

Life Image and Baystate Health (Springfield, MA) have collaborated to develop novel artificial intelligence tools to help advance technical innovations in radiology, neurology and clinical research.

Through several initiatives, together our organizations will test solutions that promise to:

  • Improve speed and accuracy in diagnosing and triaging stroke patients to identify the appropriate course of treatment
  • Advance clinical pathways for physicians treating patients by comparing clinical criteria against cohorts of de-identified patients with matching clinical characteristics
  • Identify patients that match inclusion/exclusion criteria to ongoing oncology clinical trials to advance cancer research

Our goal is to test and bring these solutions to the wider market and provide better access to life-saving treatments.

FHIR enterprise image exchange

The ability for physicians to share medical images and associated reports is critical to enable better care coordination, provide important clinical context for diagnostics interpretations, and improve outcomes. One of our latest solutions resolves these complexities using SMART® on FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) for the seamless, on-demand exchange of healthcare imaging and information.

Keystone Health Information Exchange of Pennsylvania, a network of more than 350 healthcare facilities, was the first in the nation to launch this innovative tool. The suite of functionality is based on popular workflow improvements most often requested by doctors, patients and administrators to solve persistent problems. With Instant Access, clinicians can instantaneously view diagnostic content through web-based portals.

Instant Access integrates with any standard-based netpoint and reduces the integration effort from many weeks of cycle time down to hours or days.

Interested in learning more? Contact us.

HIPAA violation

In September 2019, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued its first settlement for its Right of Access Initiative, a rule which requires hospitals to provide patients with copies of their medical records promptly, in the form and format of the patient’s choosing, and without being overcharged. This fine, issued to a hospital in Florida, was primarily due to the hospital’s refusal to provide timely access to a patient’s requested records.

In early December 2019, OCR issued its second corrective action and settlement under the Right of Access Initiative. This instance ties to not only timing but the provider’s refusal to provide records electronically as the patient requested. Form and format is an important consideration for an industry that relies heavily on outdated formats, like CDs, paper records and fax transmission of information.

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Both of these recent instances stemmed from a patient complaint and required the organizations to each pay $85,000 and make corrective changes to practice and policies. Patients’ complaints are driving change, access to medical information is a right of patients, and now they are speaking out when rights are obstructed. Timely access is not enough. With advanced technology, there is a demand for this information in a relevant format (electronic EHR platforms and cloud-based apps are the CDs of today’s world). The tide is turning and patient complaints are the driver.

As healthcare modernizes, compliance rules will continue to adapt. Listen to this webinar, hosted by First Healthcare Compliance, for best practice considerations to maintain compliance in an ever-digitizing space.

Life Image and Graticule partnership

Our most recent partnership with Graticule helps life science companies realize the full potential of advanced data for real world evidence programs. The partnership helps organizations mature their use of advanced data to accelerate drug development, post-market safety, effectiveness, and label expansion. Learn more.

GLIMPS (Graticule Life Image Machine Parsed Set) data licensing subscriptions are available on Amazon Web Services Data Exchange. Graticule and Life Image are working to pioneer a new model for delivery of de-identified imaging data with the new AWS Data Exchange capabilities.


Share the WISDOM: Support Study to Help Modernize Breast Cancer Screening

Wisdom and Mammosphere by Life Image

The WISDOM Study, a groundbreaking effort to determine the optimal guidelines for breast cancer screening, expanded recruitment and is seeking participants nationwide. Volunteer participants will be followed over time to determine whether a personalized risk-based approach to breast cancer screening can improve prevention and clinical outcomes for women when compared to the current, one-size-fits-all approach to screening.

Mammosphere supports The WISDOM Study by providing network management of medical images and associated clinical information. Study participants are given Mammosphere accounts to securely request, store and share their breast health history with WISDOM and their healthcare providers. Learn more about how you can support the WISDOM Study and share this opportunity with patients.


Using the Latest Software Version Ensures Optimal Functionality

Did you know?

We recently released updates to our LILA, LITE, and Mammosphere software. To ensure you have complete functionality and current capability enhancements, make sure you have updated to the most recent versions, or are planning to do so soon.

  • LILA 5.6
  • LITE 2.3.1
  • Mammosphere 3.1.1

If you have questions, contact your Life Image Client Relationship Manager. They can guide you as to timing, process and related detail.

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