axis imaging news: 3 questions to ask about artificial intelligence
October 11, 2019

Three Questions to Ask About Artificial Intelligence

Matthew Michela, president and CEO of Newton, Mass.-based Life Image, says there are three questions healthcare executives need to ask when assessing the value of an artificial intelligence product for radiology. Life Image provides access to points-of-care and curated clinical and imaging data. According to the company, it delivers large-scale, heterogenous, de-identified imaging sets that are linkable to other longitudinal data.

What follows are the three questions Michela says healthcare leaders must ask about artificial intelligence products for radiology.

Question 1: Does the Product Solve a Relevant Clinical Problem?

Michela says there are artificial intelligence products being developed by “hotshot tech companies using machine learning and lots of computer technology buzzwords.”

Healthcare leaders need to consider if an artificial intelligence software company’s commitment to measure the density of a tumor, for example, is clinically relevant to their facility, according to Michela.

If the product is only relevant to a particular tumor type and the image was created using a particular imaging software, it may not be relevant to their facility, he says. “If 80% of my patients [aren’t imaged using] this CT machine, it’s not clinically relevant; it’s not broad-based.”

Click here to continue reading. By Aine Cryts. Originally published October 11, 2019, Axis Imaging News