hurdles of RWE
December 02, 2019

DOTMed: The Three Hurdles Facing Your RWE Efforts and How to Get Over Them

By Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO, Life Image

There are three big hurdles in the way of effective use of Real World Evidence (RWE). Each of them is more complex, harder to deal with and takes longer to implement than most people think.

Fortunately, solutions for each one of these issues are also closer to being available than most people realize.

The three problems are:

• The vast size, scope and heterogeneity of the data required
• The difficulty in incorporating the results of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms into real-life clinical workflows
• The seductive trap of adopting proprietary technology stacks

Without an adequate approach to manage each topic, many RWE efforts will fail to achieve their promise of supporting innovation and improving safety in order to provide an understanding of outcomes in real-life clinical practice and risk exploding budgets and timelines.

Real World Imaging (RWI), or medical imaging, will be an increasingly important part of RWE. Radiologists must be aware of the ways their clinical practice can create RWI to mature evidence arguments, and how the results will affect their work.

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