August 04, 2016

Rethinking healthcare data

Only a few years ago, many people were first learning about the cloud concept. It was a buzzword popping up in news stories and “what’s new” technology features. It has taken a while for the cloud to sink in as a platform that makes our mobile devices endpoints for a universe of information including email, financial, and healthcare data—and entertainment media that drives the majority of current utilization—so that people don’t have to store all those gigabytes and carry them around in person to get done what they need.

But, we get it now. We get access from any machine, anytime, anywhere to securely reach that crucial information that drives our personal and professional lives forward. Yet healthcare data lags behind virtually all other data types when it comes to portability and delivery through the cloud. While health IT experts and policymakers have been working tirelessly for years to bring our data systems up to par with others, more work needs to be done. Cross-vendor and cross-industry partnerships remain vital to improving patient care as health IT vendors follow the path blazed by predecessors at the Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT.

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