cross-pollinating the enterprise
May 18, 2018

Imaging and AI Companies Are Partnering to Advance Radiology

“Augmented,” defined by Merriam-Webster as “made greater,” is catching on as the new “A” word in AI—which typically stands for artificial intelligence—since the technology is being touted for “augmenting the capabilities of human beings,” explains Matthew Michela, president and CEO of Life Image. It also could be used to describe the outcomes being realized by enterprise imaging companies and AI businesses as they team up to apply AI to radiology; the strength of each type of company augments the other.

The prevalence of unions between AI businesses and companies that market products for radiologists, including radiology reporting systems, clinical workflow solutions, and image management and sharing networks, was evident on the exhibit hall floor at RSNA 2017. For example, Change Healthcare, which provides imaging solutions, has partnered with Google Cloud and Zebra Medical Vision.

“By working closely with AI companies, Change Healthcare will solve challenges that are unique to medical imaging and will make AI/ML [machine learning] accessible and practical,” says Tomer Levy, vice president of the strategic portfolio for Change Healthcare.

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