LITE global enterprise image exchange network
August 29, 2018

Expansion: 1,500 Hospitals Connected, 7 Billion Image Files Exchanged

Company’s New LITE Application Allows Hospital Referral Sites to Get Up and Running Quickly

Newton, MA – Aug 29, 2018 – lifeIMAGE announced today that its recently launched application, LITE, has helped to dramatically increase interoperability in healthcare with more than 100 new hospital connections in only two months. LITE, which stands for, lifeIMAGE Transfer Exchange, gives the company’s hospital customers the ability to offer their referral and coordination sites this simple to use yet powerful tool. There is no charge to sending sites to download the application.

LITE was developed with interoperability and simplicity in mind for healthcare entities to quickly deploy and build networks without the traditional IT burdens of building and sustaining a clinical information-sharing network.

“The success of LITE and the rapid growth of our network has exceeded our expectations,” said lifeIMAGE President and CEO Matthew A. Michela. “With dramatic shifts currently underway in the sector, our hospital and health system customers need a more effective way to quickly and easily coordinate care, improve efficiencies, and make better clinical decisions.”

Historically, building and sustaining an information exchange network in healthcare has been challenging. It is burdensome for IT departments to implement and maintain, complex to integrate into workflows, expensive, and difficult to meet proprietary and onerous vendor requirements. Too often, patients have the onus of being the courier to transporting images on CDs. With lifeIMAGE’s standards-based interoperability suite, customers do not need to program around proprietary requirements, and they aren’t forced to learn and use additional user interfaces as the company’s solutions are digitally integrated into streamlined workflows or existing user-interfaces.

With ten years of expertise in the technical complexity of exchanging images and building these processes into workflow, lifeIMAGE is a truly interoperable network that orchestrates the flow of all clinical information between clinical sites globally. The company has facilitated the exchange of 7 billion image files with each file often containing hundreds of individual diagnostic images.

About lifeIMAGE
With its beginnings in medical image exchange, lifeIMAGE now orchestrates the flow of any and all clinical information across the patient’s journey, in real time, to help care teams and researchers make informed decisions. Founded in 2008, lifeIMAGE has spent the past decade innovating and building an interoperable network ecosystem connecting hospitals, physicians, patients, pharmaceuticals, medical device, telehealth and EHRs. Today, the lifeIMAGE network connects over 1,500 facilities in the United States, including 7 of the top 10 U.S. hospitals, with 150,000 U.S. providers and 58,000 clinics globally.

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Judy Chong
lifeIMAGE, VP of Marketing
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