As interoperability rule comment periods close, Don Rucker M.D. to lead talk in Boston
May 29, 2019

As Interoperability Rule Comment Periods Close, Dr. Rucker Leads Talk

Featured in MedTech Boston. By Samara Rosenfeld.

As the end of the public comment period for the proposed interoperability rules draws nearer, Don Rucker, M.D., national coordinator for health information technology, will lead a discussion on the federal overhaul of healthcare interoperability.

Life Image, Mass Challenge and Ogden Murphy Wallace are behind the talk, which is slated for Thursday, May 30 in Boston.

Matt Michela, president and CEO of Life Image, told MedTech Boston that the discussion will raise awareness of complicated and fundamental changes that health systems may well need to implement. What’s more, the forum could be one of the last opportunities for stakeholders to comment on the matter before the public comment period ends on June 3.

“This discussion is really important because we have all these folks out there, and they are spending time trying to create solutions and products, but they don’t get to see what’s going on on the government side,” Michela said.

The proposed rules introduce a new and stronger dimension for data transparency to patients, he argued. Historically, the rules have been around saving the provider time and effort, but these rules would strengthen interoperability of healthcare data and require health systems to create patient-centric solutions.

“These rules really have the promise to move us in the right direction in a big way, which drives change, disruption and the ability to choose what better meets patients’ needs,” Michela said.

If the rules remain on schedule, healthcare organizations will need to implement necessary changes by January 2020.

Michela said the question will be whether to take a baby step or big step forward. He compared the prospect of the interoperability rules to the establishment of HIPAA compliance, the regulatory framework for privacy around data, in both gravity and a pivot to put the patient at the forefront.

The government may well be setting the framework for health systems to create meaningful change.

The event, “Federal Overhaul of Healthcare Interoperability: A Talk with Don Rucker, M.D.,” will take place on May 30 at the Innovation and Design Building.

Rucker will begin the discussion and field questions from David Schoolcraft, partner and chair of the Digital Health Law Group at Ogden Murphy Wallace, on how the federal government’s proposed rules could affect the access, exchange and use of health data.

A panel will then discuss how the change might impact digital health companies’ business models and potentially create new opportunities. Panelists include:

  • John D. Halamka, M.D., executive director of Beth Israel Lahey Health Technology Exploration Center
  • Laura Esserman, M.D., MBA, director of the University of California San Francisco Breast Care Center
  • Stead Burwell, CEO of MultiScale
  • Matthew Michela, president and CEO of Life Image
  • Janak Joshi, chief technology officer of Life Image (Moderator)

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