February 19, 2016

lifeIMAGE Joins CommonWell Health Alliance, Interoperability Consortium

lifeIMAGE, the nation’s most adopted medical image exchange platform across health care networks, providers and patients, today announced it has joined CommonWell Health Alliance, an industry consortium of health information technology-focused companies that use their diverse, collective experience across the care continuum to break down the barriers that have stood in the way of nationwide data exchange. The alliance includes market leaders and technology innovators that support care settings such as post-acute, imaging, perinatal, laboratory, retail pharmacy, oncology, population health, emergency services and more. lifeIMAGE will champion the expansion of CommonWell services to include access to medical images directly in a provider’s electronic health record (EHR), regardless of where those images were captured.

“Provider access to patient imaging records, regardless of where exams were ordered, performed or stored, is crucial to ensure the best patient care possible,” said Matthew A. Michela, CEO and president of lifeIMAGE. “Because of the broad adoption of our image exchange network in the United States, we believe we have an obligation to advance interoperability and look forward to working with CommonWell and its members to accelerate that outcome.

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