January 20, 2016

KLAS Report: lifeIMAGE Leads Enterprise Image Exchange Market

lifeIMAGE, the nation’s largest medical image exchange platform that enables imaging data interoperability across healthcare networks, providers, and patients, today announced that “Enterprise Imaging 2015: Strategies, Options, and Vendor Performance,” December 2015 © 2015 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved., a recent report from KLAS Enterprises, Inc., found lifeIMAGE to be the market leader in image exchange. To uncover these findings, KLAS conducted in-depth surveys with nearly 100 hospitals and health systems, 78 percent of them ranging in size from 200-1,000-plus beds, and 62 percent of them using electronic medical records from either Epic Systems Corp. or Cerner Corp.

“Throughout our country, patients and providers are crying out for improvements in diagnosis and treatment that can only be achieved by enabling and simplifying image exchange across all clinical specialties,” said lifeIMAGE CEO and President Matthew Michela. “KLAS Research confirms that we are meeting those needs at the health system enterprise level, as providers praised lifeIMAGE both for our experience with large organizations and leading commitment to developing a truly interoperable medical image sharing network.”

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