November 14, 2016

How Imaging Interoperability Creates Value For Emerging Healthcare Models

Value-based imaging, according to the American College of Radiology’s Imaging 3.0 initiative, is the path to moving radiology as a specialty out of the fee-for-service modality and into the care-quality improvement and patient-experience enrichment model upon which reimbursements for all healthcare providers will soon be based.

Value-based reimbursement is the destination for healthcare. Having an enterprise imaging strategy that breaks down data silos and promotes the free flow of imaging information throughout the enterprise and beyond — to physicians outside the firewall involved in, for example, consults and second opinions — is essential to accomplishing value-based reimbursement. Instead of continuing to create duplicate, unnecessary tests and exposing patient populations to unneeded radiation, imaging needs interoperability. Imaging 3.0 will improve patient safety and satisfaction, boost care quality, and create value in a variety of new ways.

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