Grand Rounds and Life Image Partnership
August 06, 2018

Grand Rounds and lifeIMAGE Announce Technology Partnership

Newton, MA (August 6, 2018) lifeIMAGE and Grand Rounds, the leader in matching employees to high-quality care, announced today a technology partnership to advance the efficient and secure transfer of clinical information and medical images in support of the Grand Rounds care delivery network. lifeIMAGE is the world’s largest interoperable network for the management of medical images and clinical information with more than 1,400 hospitals connected with 150,000 providers in the United States and 58,000 clinics globally.

“Traditional methods of transporting diagnostic images are frustratingly inefficient yet stubbornly persistent in healthcare,” said Danielle Snow, Senior Vice President Patient Care at Grand Rounds. “We are excited to partner with lifeIMAGE to enable information exchange through the cloud, enabling more efficient decision-making between a patient and their health care provider.”

Nationally, medical imaging costs $120 billion each year. Much of that is a wasted expense with 25 to 30 percent representing duplicative and unnecessary exams that are ordered because priors are not available at the point of care. There is also an enormous cost to patient care and safety such as unnecessary exposure to radiation and delays in treatment. lifeIMAGE routinely provides clinicians and patients access to tens of millions of medical records monthly in order to give a more complete patient picture.

“Given our ten year history working with the world’s most sophisticated hospitals, we have solved some of the toughest technical challenges in interoperability so that the sharing of images and their related medical information only takes moments,” said Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO of lifeIMAGE, “We are thrilled that Grand Rounds can leverage our solution to connect directly with the sources of medical information either inside or outside of our network. The lifeIMAGE process is far simpler and easier than traditional exchange methods because of the high level of integration we have in place for physician workflows for all types of clinical settings.”

With this technology partnership, images and their related medical information requested by Grand Rounds on behalf of patients are securely shared between imaging centers and physician offices. Grand Rounds reaches over 4.2 million covered lives through its two core product offerings: Grand Rounds Beacon™, its complex care solution, and Grand Rounds Summit™, a singular clinical entry point for all health care needs across the employee population. Grand Rounds is a proud partner to over 120 progressive employers and thousands of premier providers.

About Grand Rounds
Grand Rounds’ vision is to create a path to great health and health care, for everyone, everywhere. Founded in 2011, the company provides an employer-based technology solution that connects members and their families to high-quality care. With Grand Rounds, employers get a personalized, high-performance network at scale, while their employees get the tools and support needed to navigate their care on their own terms. Named Rock Health’s 2018 Fastest Growing Company, Grand Rounds helps restore individual health and quality of life, and offers employers lower health care spend and higher employee productivity. For more information, please visit

About lifeIMAGE
With its beginnings in medical image exchange, lifeIMAGE now orchestrates the flow of any and all clinical information across the patient’s journey, in real time, to help care teams and researchers make informed decisions. Founded in 2008, lifeIMAGE has spent the past decade innovating and building an interoperable network ecosystem connecting hospitals, physicians, patients, pharmaceuticals, medical device, telehealth and EHRs. Today, the lifeIMAGE network connects over 1,400 facilities in the United States, including 7 of the top 10 U.S. hospitals, with 150,000 U.S. providers and 58,000 clinics globally. For more information about lifeIMAGE, please visit:, check out our blog or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Robin Suchan
Grand Rounds, Director of Corporate Marketing

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lifeIMAGE, VP of Marketing
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