healthcare IT today panel interview - healthcare interoperability
September 04, 2020

4 Perspectives on Healthcare Interoperability

The topic of healthcare interoperability is one that it feels like we’ve been talking about ad nauseam for nearly the entire 15 years I’ve been writing about healthcare IT. In fact, I’m sure the discussion started well before I started in health IT. If we’ve been talking about it for so long, many have really started asking why we haven’t seen more progress with interoperability in healthcare.

The problem here is that we have made huge progress. Where we’re at today when it comes to healthcare interoperability is very different than it was 15 years ago. The problem is that this progress can often be stymied by the work that is still left to be done. It’s understandable why patients are frustrated by this and why many are upset that we aren’t further along. In fact, COVID-19 highlighted this in more ways than we’d like to admit.

To really dive into this issue, I sat down with 4 experts on healthcare interoperability to really understand where healthcare interoperability is working today:

Matthew Michela, President & CEO, Life Image
Drew Ivan, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Lyniate
Dr. Chris Hobson, Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health
Emad Rizk, M.D.; Chairman, President & CEO; Cotiviti

If you want to better understand what’s really happening with interoperability in healthcare, how your organization compares, and other exciting interoperability efforts you should know about, you’ll enjoy the following panel discussion.