December 06, 2015

Exhibits At An Exhibition: PACS, HYPOTHETICALLY-Speaking

Having little time at this year’s RSNA, I was able to only briefly stop in to see friends at the Visage and lifeIMAGE booths. Both products show nice incremental improvements. Visage offers deconstructed PACS, with better collation of prior studies in this incarnation. It is a viable alternative to a full-fledged PACS, IF your IT folks can handle the concept. Big IF for some. Again, there is no worklist option included; “That would make us a PACS company!” So what’s wrong with that?

lifeIMAGE continues to progress, now with even better connectivity. See this nice summary from Imaging Technology News for details. Many PACS vendors offer some form of image sharing in competition with lI, but the latter does it better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: NOT using an image-sharing system is MALPRACTICE. Period. If you never believe anything else I write, believe that.

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