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November 06, 2018

Using Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Clinical Trial Process

Newton, Mass. – November 6, 2018 – Life Image, the world’s largest global network for sharing clinical and imaging data that is powered by industry leading interoperability standards, and, a novel AI platform built to turbocharge oncology clinical research by rigorously examining every piece of EMR data, today announced a new strategic partnership that will facilitate the adoption and enhancement of AI in site selection and patient recruitment for oncology trials.

This new engagement will advance the use of Mendel Brain, which helps life sciences and research facilities by analyzing clinical data at a site location to identify patient cohorts for a given protocol. Mendel Brain yields 30 to 50 percent more patients while decreasing the elapsed time between patient eligibility and identification to minutes compared to conventional pre-screening practices, which can take months or even years. It can also proactively identify potential trials for patients by comparing their EMR data to an industry-leading trial database curated from over 40,000 sources.

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