Beyond the Data Podcast: Democratizing medical images
July 26, 2019

Podcast With Janak Joshi: Democratizing Medical Images

In the first episode of Mendel’s Beyond the Data podcast, Life Image CTO Janak Joshi talks with Karim Galil, CEO of Mendel about democratizing medical images and medical information.

“The latest regulation from the ONC states that you have to democratize health information, and you have to give it to the patient in the medium the patient demands. It’s not up to the physician to decide what to share with the patient if the information is about the patient.” Janak speaks on the meaning of true data democratization, giving patients access to all the same information that physicians have access to in relation to their individual healthcare. Janak and Karim discuss how the medical industry is one of the only industries in which patients have to fill out forms to obtain information that pertains to them. Hear this and more in the full podcast. Available¬†here.