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October 31, 2019

Data Sharing Challenges in Breast Imaging

President and CEO Matthew Michela talk about how Life Image is creating easier access to breast imaging data while also solving some of data sharing’s biggest snags.

Interoperability—it’s the long-awaited result that evolving HIT promised to bring with it, and yet, it still gets left behind. Disparate data is not a problem exclusive to one data type or innovation; breast imaging, for example, has created some of the toughest challenges. However, there is now an app for that.

Life Image, which was founded in 2008, formed to overcome some of those interoperability challenges posed by the U.S. healthcare and evolving tech landscape. Since then, according to its President and CEO Matthew Michaela, the Newton, MA-based company has built a large global medical evidence network through a combination of technical expertise and unrelenting effort in the face of the many barriers that often stymie healthcare. Currently, the company connects 1,500 facilities with 150,000 U.S. providers and 58,000 global clinics, supporting more than 10 million clinical encounters per month.

“Medical data and in particular diagnostic images have traditionally been the toughest to access and transfer for all sorts of technical and administrative reasons,” said Michela. “Those barriers are compounded by misaligned business incentives between providers and manufacturers that keep data trapped in proprietary silos. […] In order for big biomedical data to enable efficiencies and accountability in healthcare, a high degree of interoperability is required to access disparate data sets and link data at an individual level.”


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