Google Cloud partners with Life Image
February 15, 2018

Aunt Minnie: Life Image Partners with Google Cloud

Medical image-sharing software developer LifeImage is collaborating with Google Cloud to help physicians with patient care.

LifeImage will work with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to leverage the technology across the company’s product offerings, such as its Mammosphere patient engagement tool. LifeImage will also be able to use GCP as an extension of its hybrid network hosting strategy for customers.

The partnership will also enable the company to enhance the identification of patterns of interest across billions of images and help clinicians make better treatment decisions in real-time and reduce healthcare costs, added Matthew Michela, president and CEO of LifeImage. The goal of the collaboration is to advance current healthcare initiatives through point-of-care capabilities for physicians and help researchers identify, share, and improve their understanding of population health.

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