October 18, 2016

4 things to know about lifeIMAGE 5.0

lifeIMAGE 5.0, the electronic medical image sharing platform, received a comprehensive update that’s available now for users.

The platform, made by lifeIMAGE, a medical image exchange company that connects healthcare networks, providers and patients, has four key upgrades.

“The technology advancement of lifeIMAGE 5.0 brings every member of a patient’s care team fast access to full-fidelity, diagnostic quality images from any hospital system or any external provider,” said Matthew Michela, CEO and president of lifeIMAGE, in a statement. “We are committed to creating health data interoperability for every patient seeking care—including specialist reviews and second opinions—while giving providers the first truly universal view of their patient’s imaging history via data exchange between previously disconnected systems.”

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