Life Image COVID-19 Response Plan

Update, March 13, 2020:

Life Image instituted a mandatory work-from-home policy for all employees. Our Newton headquarters is closed until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation and return to normal operations as soon as it is prudent. However, we continue to perform our work. It is essential for thousands of patients daily, it will likely become more important should the healthcare system become stressed.

March 12, 2020

Life Image is committed to helping our healthcare customers carry out their critical work of caring for patients. In light of the latest developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are sending this communication to update you on our response plan. We know that it is crucially important that providers have the uninterrupted ability to care for lives, coordinate with other physicians, and to minimize health risks to your own employees.

We are closely monitoring the situation, meeting regularly as an internal team, and listening to the guidance from public health experts. Life Image is taking the following actions:

Business continuity planning: it is of utmost importance that your medical data and image sharing operations continue uninterrupted 24-7.
• Our business continuity team is an ongoing group of key leaders with operational responsibilities that are critical to core customer functions. The team meets regularly to discuss issues of importance including COVID-19, and to devise specific strategies and tactics to ensure continuity.
• As such, Life Image conducted a work from home (WFH) exercise last week of all employees to verify our ability to perform our responsibilities remotely. This exercise helped Life Image prepare for a scenario if normal working conditions are interrupted and all employees need to be contained within their homes. This test exercise was successfully completed and demonstrated our capacity to ensure that we can continue to service your operations.
• A large portion of our employees already work from home to service our customers around the country. Our Newton headquarters continue to operate with extra precaution being taken with cleaning with a hospital grade disinfectant four times daily.

Public health safety: based on recommendations of public health experts and requests from our hospital customers, we have provided travel and in-person meeting guidance.

• Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team regularly meets with hospital customers, which many of you have now instituted certain restrictions when meeting with outside parties. Life Image will respect and adhere to your organization’s policies.
• All Life Image employees are asked to cancel all non-essential domestic and international business air travel, and if employees have traveled internationally or have had contact with an international traveler or a person infected with COVID-19, the employee should work from home for two weeks.

Life Image continues to monitor the situation closely and will adjust accordingly to ensure that your work on the front lines of handling this crisis is fully supported by our company. We are deeply grateful for your care and service to patients.