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Sharing is an easy way to give other users access to your exams without having to send exams to PACS.

Note: If your InBox does not have a Share tab, then you need to upgrade your service to have this feature. The screens below are representative of an Enterprise InBox.

To share an exam with another user or a group, click on the Share tab and enter the following required information. Start by typing a recipient’s name or email address, or a group name and choosing from the suggested choices.

Alternately, you can click Select from list to select from the list of available people and groups. You can specify more than one recipient and they can be a mix of users and groups.

Next, choose whether the recipients should be allowed to download a copy of the exam. If you leave this box unchecked, the Download tab will not show up for this exam, for the recipients. Note: if the exam was shared with you without download permission, then you won’t see this checkbox as an option when you share with others.

Confirm that you are abiding by HIPAA regulations in sharing this exam.

Choose whether you want to share only this exam or all exams that we uploaded along with this one. For example, if this exam was uploaded from a CD containing 2 other exams, checking this box will share all 3 exams with the recipient.

When all the fields are filled in, click on Share when you are done or Share w/ Personal Message if you wish to write a personalized note to the invitee first. This message will be included in the email sent to the recipients (see 5.6.4). If email notifications have been turned off for sharing, then personal messages will also not be sent to recipients.

When an exam is shared, the names of people and groups with whom the exam is shared appear in the People/Group with exam access list. The owner of the exam appears under the Exam owner heading. You can unshare the exam from anyone you shared it with by clicking the X button. Also, if you are the exam owner, you can unshare the exam from anyone, even if you didn’t directly share it with the given person or group.