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Life Image created the image exchange category.

We formed in 2008 to solve the toughest challenges in healthcare interoperability—the exchange of technically complex medical imaging data.

Life Image is now the largest global network for sharing clinical information.

We now exchange all clinical data by connecting 10,000 facilities, 160,000 U.S. providers, 58,000 global clinics with millions of patients with life sciences, medical devices, and telehealth companies.

We use vendor agnostic integration standards.

The Interoperability Suite underpins our digital platform to connect an ecosystem of hospitals, clinicians, patients, EHRs, PACS, AI solutions, cloud environments, and analytics platforms.

The Life Image network delivers unique value across the health ecosystem.

Our industry-leading connectivity solutions include Provider Exchange, Patient Connect, Network Build, Network Access and RWD Curation.

What can you do with access to the Life Image network?

Coordinate care 24/7/365, better manage complex and chronic conditions, collect longitudinal research data, access curated imaging data, and enable innovation across your network.
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Our Network

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7 billion

image files exchanged

12+ million

external clinical encounters accessed monthly

Network Interoperability

With our 13-year history working with the world’s most sophisticated hospitals, we have solved some of the toughest technical challenges in interoperability so that the sharing of images and their related medical information only takes moments.

We orchestrate the flow of 10 million clinical encounters per month across care delivery settings in a patient’s journey to provide a connected view for care teams.

Network Ecosystem

Our interoperable network brings together an ecosystem of hospitals, clinicians, patients, care teams, life sciences, medical devices, telehealth and EHRs.

Product solutions in our Interoperability Suite can be scaled-up quickly and sustained over time without a burden to your internal IT operations.

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Network Simplicity

Using the Life Image network far simpler and easier than other systems because of the high level of integration we have in place for physician workflows for all types of clinical settings.

Network Impact

The Life Image network allows healthcare professionals to turn data into information, enabling them to learn from it, make better informed clinical decisions, improve the patient experience, and, ultimately make new discoveries that will improve patient outcomes.