ONC Rules Survey Results
April 06, 2021 / Press Releases

Healthcare Organizations Unready for ONC Cures Act Final Rule

New Life Image survey reveals majority of healthcare organizations unprepared for ONC Cures Act Final Rule. Survey from Life Image shows widespread lack of awareness and readiness to comply with…

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healthcare tech is helping combat COVID-19
September 21, 2020 / Media Coverage

10 Ways Healthcare Tech Is Helping Combat COVID-19

A look at how technology is making a difference in the delivery of care during the pandemic. Healthcare institutions are using technology to reduce dependence on physically managing record

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Compliance Perspectives Podcast: Matthew Michela on Patient Access to Medical Imaging
September 15, 2020 / Media Coverage

CEO Matt Michela on Patient Access to Imaging Data

Most everything available today is digital, with one exception far too often: imaging records. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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Panel Discussion: Current State of Healthcare Interoperability
September 8, 2020 / Media Coverage

Current State of Health Care Interoperability and Data Exchange

Chris Hobson, MD, Orion Health, speaks with Drew Ivan, Lyniate, and Matthew Michela, Life Image, who discuss the current state of interoperability, how organizations are balancing COVID response in order…

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healthcare IT today panel interview - healthcare interoperability
September 4, 2020 / Media Coverage

4 Perspectives on Healthcare Interoperability

Four experts discuss healthcare interoperability to really understand where healthcare interoperability is working today.

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healthcare weekly podcast" an interoperable healthcare system in action
August 25, 2020 / Media Coverage

What Would An Interoperable Healthcare System in Action Look Like?

Listen to the podcast discover the benefits of centralized data and the importance of contactless data collection during the pandemic.

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Integrated Healthcare Executive: Managing Clinical Content
August 21, 2020 / Media Coverage

Properly Managing Clinical Content, Addressing Future Challenges

Matthew Michela, CEO, Life Image, and Sandra Lillie, director of enterprise imaging sales, Hyland Health, detail how providers should think about managing their clinical content to improve the patient experience,…

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radiology today imaging informatics
July 29, 2020 / Media Coverage

Radiology Today: Imaging Informatics: Casting a Wide Net

Digital connectivity helps the Alaska Native Medical Center solve complex care challenges.

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DOTmed five minutes in healthcare
July 23, 2020 / Media Coverage

DOTmed: Five Minutes in Healthcare – Featuring Matthew A. Michela

Five Minutes in Healthcare is a new series we’ve introduced in HealthCare Business News, where I discuss current events with some of the industry’s most influential leaders, as well as…

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Hyland Healthcare Life Image partnership
July 15, 2020 / Media Coverage

Recent Media Coverage of the Hyland Healthcare, Life Image Partnership

Find the latest media coverage for the announcement of the Hyland Healthcare, Life Image partnership

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Hyland Healthcare Life Image partnership
July 14, 2020 / Press Releases

Optimizing Data and Imaging Access Between Providers and Patients

Hyland Healthcare, Life Image partnership promotes image exchange with a true zero footprint; improves interoperability between providers

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diagnostic imaging data interoperability
June 26, 2020 / Media Coverage

How Data Could Improve Our Understanding of COVID-19

Diagnostic Imaging turned again to examine the role that data interoperability has played in this pandemic and will continue to play in the months and years to come.

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RapidAI, Life Image partnership
June 25, 2020 / Media Coverage

Recent Media Coverage of the RapidAI, Life Image Partnership Announcement

Find the latest media coverage surrounding the announcement of the RapidAI, Life Image partnership: 

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RapidAI, Life Image partnership
June 24, 2020 / Press Releases

Accelerating the Adoption of Life-Saving Stroke Technology in Hospitals

Partnership Brings Together RapidAI’s Market-Leading Cerebrovascular Imaging Analysis with Life Image’s Extensive Global Network of Trauma Hospitals and Referral Sites

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the road to interoperability
June 22, 2020 / Media Coverage

Traveling the Last Mile of the Long, Bumpy Road to Interoperability

Deep Dive: Although compliance deadlines for interoperability rules have been delayed, recent days highlight the pressing need for greater access to health data.

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patient connect portal launch
May 26, 2020 / Media Coverage

Life Image’s Patient Connect™ Portal Announcement

Find the latest media coverage of our launch of Patient Connect Portal.

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