Life Image Launches Life Image Veteran Exchange for image exchange with the VA
November 11, 2020 / Press Releases

Life Image Veterans Exchange (LIVE) is Launched to Enable Imaging and Data Interoperability Between Veterans Health Administration Hospitals and Community Care Network Providers

Life Image to Connect VA Sites to CCN Providers in TX, LA, AR & MS for Veterans Seeking Care Under the Mission Act

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ONC Rules Survey Results
May 10, 2021 / Media Coverage

Recent Media Coverage of the ONC Survey

Find the latest media coverage of the survey from Life Image on the ONC Cures Act Final Rule.

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ONC Rules Survey Results
April 6, 2021 / Press Releases

New Healthcare Industry Survey Reveals Majority of Healthcare Organizations Unprepared for ONC Cures Act Final Rule

New Life Image survey reveals majority of healthcare organizations unprepared for ONC Cures Act Final Rule. Survey from Life Image shows widespread lack of awareness and readiness to comply with…

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first report managed care - payers must face interoperability, data challenges head on for long-term benefits
March 25, 2021 / Media Coverage

First Report Managed Care: Payers Must Face Interoperability, Data Challenges Head On for Long-Term Benefits

Matthew Michela, president and CEO, Life Image, offers advice to payers regarding the impending enforcement of HHS interoperability rules and handling advanced data.

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Clinical Practice Today: HIPAA Threats for Medical Practices
March 17, 2021 / Media Coverage

Clinical Practice Today: Major HIPAA Threats for Medical Practices

Being unprepared for threats to patients’ protected health information is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

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Diagnostic Imaging: How the Veterans Administration is accelerating interoperability
March 17, 2021 / Media Coverage

Diagnostic Imaging News: How the Veterans Administration is Accelerating Interoperability

Active-duty personnel transitioning to veteran status are offered social services, including healthcare, through the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to support reintegration into civilian life.

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How COVID-29 has changed priorities in medical imaging
March 3, 2021 / Media Coverage

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed priorities in medical imaging?

We know that COVID is primarily a respiratory illness with secondary impacts on other organs such as the brain, kidney and liver. Radiology imaging is critical to diagnosis, treatment and…

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medical imaging interoperability
February 23, 2021 / Media Coverage

Axis Imaging News: The State of Medical Imaging Interoperability

Matthew A. Michela, president & CEO of Life Image, discusses the current state of medical imaging interoperability.

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hospital finance podcast: ONC rules
February 3, 2021 / Media Coverage

The Hospital Finance Podcast: Complying with ONC Info-Blocking Rules

In this episode, of the Hospital Finance Podcast, Matt Michela discusses the new ONC info-blocking rules and what they mean for providers.  

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payer Groundhog's Day
February 2, 2021 / Media Coverage

MedCity News: It’s that time of year – payer Groundhog’s Day

At this time every year payers employ teams of people whose full-time job is calling a doctor’s office, requesting information, and waiting weeks for the data to be mailed in…

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biden's era of interoperability
January 31, 2021 / Media Coverage

Diagnostic Imaging News: Biden’s Era of Interoperability

President Biden took office on Jan. 20 with an aggressive 100-day to-do list. Healthcare, and more specifically coronavirus control, are top priorities, but the role of interoperability and the secure…

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covid-19 vaccine tracking
January 29, 2021 / Media Coverage

The Challenge of Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations

Technology, HIEs and state immunization registries will all play a role in getting individual immunization records into the EHR, experts say.

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Forbes - Interoperability and corporate responsibility
January 26, 2021 / Media Coverage

Increasing Healthcare Interoperability Means Tackling Corporate Responsibility And Transparency

Between the contentious election for president and a global pandemic, there is an issue that, in a normal year, would have lit up headlines but has gone unnoticed by everyone…

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cloud technology in health systems
December 22, 2020 / Media Coverage

Integrated Healthcare Executive: Improving Cloud-Based Technologies in Health Systems

Matthew Michela, CEO, Life Image, explains why cloud adoption is essential for data sharing during the current pandemic and beyond, how organizations can prepare for ONC compliance deadlines, and provides…

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healthcare it today: covid vaccine rollout
December 18, 2020 / Media Coverage

Healthcare IT Today: A Health IT Perspective on the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

As the various COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the nation and the world, experts weigh in on what this rollout is going to mean for healthcare IT. 

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Forbes: ONC rule and Healthcare Innovatin
December 2, 2020 / Media Coverage

Forbes: How Much Impact Can A Small Federal Agency Have On Healthcare Innovation? A Lot, It Seems

ONC’s final rule on Interoperability, Information Blocking, and ONC Health IT Certification, to be implemented in April 2021 (delayed from November 2020), is designed to give patients and providers secure access…

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