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May 02, 2018

The ONE Thing That Patients Really Want in Consumer-Driven Healthcare

There’s a running joke that the problem with healthcare interoperability is not that it lacks standards. The problem with healthcare interoperability is that there are too many standards. Systems can’t or won’t talk to each other, and data blocking is a business strategy. Meanwhile, patients who are accustomed to the conveniences of consumer technology, are left wondering, why?

This chronic problem is the reason why lifeIMAGE was formed 10 years ago – to manage the technical complexity of connecting hospitals, referral sites and patients to exchange medical images of all types, forms and modalities.

So, it was with great interest that I read Rachel Z. Arndt’s article, “Patients pave the way for interoperability,” that appeared in Modern Healthcare.

As a leader in interoperability for all clinical information including images, our essential mission is to democratize patient data and free it from its silos to provide a connected view of a patient’s journey for better clinical decision-making. We’ve recently built upon our ten-year history to offer consumer-driven solutions to improve the patient experience in addition to supporting clinical outcomes.

Mammosphere is a digital platform in our network that empowers women to control their own data and manage their breast health. And Clinical Connector, a vendor-neutral highly scalable platform, allows physicians and consumers to share medical images through the patient health record.

Front and center in our minds as lifeIMAGE developed these consumer tools were the critical issues of standardizing standards and creating the business case for sharing. More fundamentally, however, these consumer tools were built with simplicity in mind. Too often, the technology answer to complex problems produces even more complexity.

As federal regulators get ready to reboot meaningful use to produce more meaningful change, the need for simplicity is key to enabling the shift to consumer driven healthcare.

Judy Chong, VP of Growth & Marketing

Judy Chong

Vice President of Marketing