Connectathon 2018
February 19, 2018

lifeIMAGE Races Towards Interoperability: Connectathon 2018

For an action-packed few days last month, our team of engineers found themselves knee deep in our third year of showcasing our platform’s interoperability at the world’s largest healthcare IT interoperability testing event, the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) North American Connectathon. We were joined by hundreds of health IT technology leaders across dozens of organizations, where our technology was put to the test in the industry’s most rigorous interoperability testing and validation challenges. We had the opportunity to collaborate with other leading developers and demonstrated our commitment to breaking down interoperability barriers by leveraging industry standards for full connectivity throughout the care delivery process.

The focus of the Connectathon is to improve health information exchange between various health IT platforms and electronic health records (EHRs) by promoting standards that improve workflows and facilitate care coordination. Engineers work together to prove that their systems can communicate across organizational boundaries, and thus can be implemented as a turnkey solution in the real world provider setting. Participants at the IHE Connectathon show up to demonstrate – by way of collaborating with other industry vendors – their system and device integration capabilities with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Clinical Connector, powered by lifeIMAGE, was part of the technology that successfully demonstrated end-to-end compliance and seamless technological integration across the entire care continuum. We successfully passed all of the tests we attempted, spanning the complete data spectrum from source data and patient repository categories, through consumer, network and reporting standards. We left this year’s challenge having validated 35{1c7da09cb6da5a2ec059efaa61b35175dd9db1ce04fec49909aa50454e0b7746} more actors (or technological use cases) than previous years, proving once again that the technology we built can handle the most rigorous real-world interoperability challenges in the industry.

It is widely understood that interoperability is paramount to delivering quality patient care. When you are completely interoperable and can share medical information across borders of all sorts – physical and virtual – you can make a massive difference in how you care for your patients. Connectathon is the industry’s gold standard for interoperability among health IT applications, and is designed to help guide healthcare organizations’ decision-making process by validating health technology platforms based on their adherence to complex standards in health data exchange.

We have shown that Clinical Connector can handle the challenge of true interoperability in today’s complex healthcare landscape. And we are excited to continue showcasing these capabilities  to improve patient lives, optimize workflows, and increase cost savings.  We look forward to sharing more about our interoperability initiatives during the 2018 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Judy Chong, VP of Growth & Marketing

Judy Chong

Vice President of Marketing