pediatrician examining child
July 25, 2017

Access to Image Exams Helps Pediatricians Administer Treatment

Time matters when treating a pediatric patient and instant access to the patient’s comprehensive medical information, including prior imaging exams, is critical to determining the best course of action. Unfortunately, children’s hospitals are frequently inundated by imaging CDs brought in by patients’ parents or caregivers from their community care providers.

We all know that physical CDs slow down clinics, waste time during consultations, and, when they do not work, can result in wasted appointments, repeat exams along with undue anxiety and stress to child and parents. Frankly, this is tragic and an unacceptable consequence of a fractured technology workflow.

Pediatric specialists need a quick and reliable way to view and electronically share exams without struggling with the decades-old technology represented by CDs, which can often arrive unmarked, unreadable or broken.

Solving Pediatric Imaging Pain Points, One by One

The ability to electronically upload, view and share image exams allows a pediatric healthcare facility to optimize care coordination, implement the appropriate care plan and avoid unnecessarily irradiating a patient due to repeat imaging exams or treatment for the wrong disease due to lack of critical information.  With the right image exchange network, practices can invite partner facilities, referring physicians and patients/caregivers to upload studies to specialists before arriving on campus.

For example, trauma teams are able to electronically review exams before a patient’s arrival, allowing the surgeons, nurses and emergency room staff to plan ahead, choose and prepare for the right course of care and save precious time. Advanced viewing of exams not only boosts patient safety and reduces errors, but can actually prevent permanent damage or save lives.

Richie Pfeiffer, Vice President Product and Market Development

Richie Pfeiffer

Vice President of Product and Market Development