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May 18, 2017

Looking at Enterprise Imaging Systems as an “EHR” for Images

How is your organization planning to mature its medical imaging systems? That is a question we often ask hospital executives. From experience, the answer varies. For some, imaging brings its own set of unique challenges: Discrete, departmental data silos, and a lack of interoperable data, all of which hampers an organization’s goal of pursuing quality and outcomes in a value-based system of care.

And, it is not only the radiology department that needs imaging interoperability, which might be surprising, because when many healthcare professionals think of “clinical imaging,” they assume it is “radiology.”

A recent article in Search Health IT titled, Enterprise imaging is becoming mainstream in healthcare, addresses these issues head on.

The KLAS analyst interviewed in the story points out that enterprise imaging is becoming a mainstream discussion for executives and providers in multiple departments within hospitals and health systems. More providers are thinking about their enterprise imaging strategy as an “electronic health record” for images.

These stakeholders seek an innovative approach to enterprise imaging that bypasses the need to make large capital expenditures for multiple picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) – expensive technologies which are starting to show their age. They increasingly seek a more flexible, cloud-based approach to imaging that links data under one universal platform, creates value, and advances patient safety, patient satisfaction and better care quality at every healthcare touchpoint.

Over the past few years, enterprise imaging has gained more attention across the healthcare continuum. Our industry is getting closer and closer to its potential. Forward-thinking providers, academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks, and health plans are now realizing that interoperability is not just a patient care and quality benefit, but a competitive requirement.

As we move from volume-to value-based care, learning to understand how to best implement enterprise imaging solutions is critical.  Equally important is that clinicians, CIOs and CMIOS are all engaged in enterprise-wide interoperability strategies.  


Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO

Matthew Michela

President & CEO