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May 03, 2017

Rethinking Healthcare Data: It Is a Technology Ecosystem

Healthcare providers have historically been set up to deliver volume-based care: more scans, more volume, and more capacity. Now, payers, patient advocates, and industry organizations are calling for a switch to “value-based imaging” which requires imaging interoperability.  It’s how economic forces in U.S. healthcare incentivize better patient outcomes, reduce costs, improve safety and reduce radiation exposure.

For decades, the largest healthcare organizations involved in image and health data transfer had few incentives to drive interoperability forward. But, a recent CHIME survey of 100 U.S. health IT leaders shows that public and private payers are beginning to contract with organizations that have interoperable systems with value-based contracts, and are denying claims when an imaging scan appears redundant in the claims documentation.

And, it’s not only radiologists who seek imaging interoperability. Scores of specialties today use imaging, from oncology to neurology to cardiology to emergency medicine, and beyond. In an era of mergers and acquisitions and the steady acquisition of local, independent practices by health systems, enterprise managers are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain and support all their disparate IT systems. In addition, new requirements like the MACRA rules from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandate, for example, that CT scans be made available to patients and providers for 12 months.

Do you have a strategy in place that will help your clinicians work more efficiently, with state-of-the-art secure technology to exchange image data with affiliated and non-affiliated providers?

Healthcare organizations that don’t have image-inclusive interoperability expansions in place need to be drawing one up now. Payers are expecting it, and patients are counting on you to make their care safer, more cost-efficient, and convenient – because if you don’t do it, they will have the power and information to find caregivers who will.


Richie Pfeiffer, Vice President Product and Market Development

Richie Pfeiffer

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