enterprise image exchange for providers
April 19, 2017

Enterprise Imaging in Cardiology

Cardiology staff are typically some of the busiest individuals in any hospital. Cardiologists have no time to spare and must often rely on imaging captured outside of their network to make critical, time-sensitive decisions. The inability to access prior diagnostic images or consult with clinicians outside their own health system network with data in hand can cause delays in urgent, routine, and interventional care critical to managing cardiac conditions.

Not only are the images themselves important, but the related data that is derived from the images with measurements  (Echocardiographyn, nvascular dopplern nand Nuclear Medicine) and invasive procedures that involve hemodynamics (PTCA, TAVR, for example) are all critical for ongoing treatment planning. n

When the imaging exchange process is ineffective, cardiologists lose critical minutes during consultations, schedule unneeded patient follow-up appointments, and order additional unnecessary imaging. Inefficient workflows impact performance and care outcomes. In environments with mounting pressure to improve quality of care, patient safety, and practice value-based care, real-time access to imaging data is critical.

The ability to view images from disparate systems at all points in the care process is equally important. When cardiologists receive imaging exams in advance, they can better triage patients and connect with colleagues to discuss treatment strategy.

Under lifeIMAGE’s secure imaging data exchange enterprise solution, cardiologists maintain optimal departmental workflows supporting both the effective and efficient delivery of care. Technology that connects cardiology image data from any location to the point of care enables providers to:

  • Review exams before a patient visit, transfer, or a remote consultation
  • Use one cardiovascular viewer for all exams
  • Easily see exams supporting new referrals or second opinions
  • Delegate the minimized CD uploading process to support staff to allow them to click a button embedded in the patient record 

In our complicated technical world, enterprise imaging breaks down barriers and enables care teams to save lives and improve the wellbeing of millions of patients through improved clinical quality and care coordination.

Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO

Matthew Michela

President & CEO