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September 27, 2016

Q&A: What It’s Like to Work at lifeIMAGE

We recently sat down with our Human Resources Director, Kyle Conley, to discuss what it’s like to work at lifeIMAGE. Below are his insights.  

Q. What makes working at lifeIMAGE unique?

A. I would have to say it’s a combination of our mission and the culture. It’s great to be in an environment where everyone is driven by the same thing, which is to improve care and to ensure our users have the best experience. We strive to create an environment that allows people to be creative, independent and innovative.  

Q. What are three words that describe the lifeIMAGE culture?

A. Fun, diverse and transparent.

Q. What are some of the benefits of working at lifeIMAGE?

A. The ultimate benefit is the opportunity to make a difference in so many people’s lives. All of our hard work in some way helps millions, maybe even billions, of people. Another benefit to employees is the ability to be a part of cross-functional teams, enabling them to expand their current knowledge base.

Q. What made you want to work for lifeIMAGE?

A. It was definitely the company’s mission and the people. I knew it would be a great opportunity to work with different facets of the company.  I was drawn to the company’s initiatives, management philosophies and positioning in marketplace.  

Q. How do you see lifeIMAGE growing over the next five years?

A. I see our product offerings and people growing exponentially over the next few years, strengthening our position as the market leader in image exchange.

Q. How has lifeIMAGE changed since you starting working here?

A. Since I started two and half years ago, the company has really evolved.. We have expanded our leadership team and individual contributors in an effort to accelerate our efforts to put together the next generation of our image exchange platform. From my vantage point, now is a really great time for people to join the team – we’ve got exciting plans and momentum going.

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