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June 28, 2016

Medical Image Exchange: Which Docs Use it Most?

Clinicians share approximately half a million medical images on the lifeIMAGE network every month. They are exchanging studies to prep for consultations, remotely consult on cases and provide second opinions, all to improve patient care. As more clinical departments adopt our solution into their daily workflows, we were curious to see which specialties leverage it the most. So, we dove into six months of utilization data to find out what types of doctors are our top users.

The infographic above gives a breakdown of our findings.   

We were pleased to find a breadth and depth of clinical utilization across our user base. It was also interesting to see a few specialties that we didn’t expect make it into the top twenty, including anesthesiology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery.

This information demonstrates that image data interoperability brings value to the entire healthcare enterprise. It’s not just a radiology solution. It’s become a key component of the overall enterprise imaging strategy, ultimately helping clinicians in every ‘ology provide higher quality care, prevent repeat studies and improve patient satisfaction.

How does your organization match up to these sharing stats?

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